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—————————————————————————————————— Friday twilight in the big town 大城镇里星期五的黄昏 Party people getting ready now 准备参加派对的人们已经准备好了 Somewhere baby, 宝贝,在某个地方 I know your waiting, the city's vibrating 我...

you and me club 8 专辑 Summer songs `落合`` it\'s back to before i\'m not that sure i wanted to be there but now i feel so sore we took a drive in daddy\'s car we went so far but now we\'ll go even further you and me and all th...

sail on through 是谁唱的?是不是组合《sail on through》是S Club 8第二张专辑《Sundown》中的歌曲,发行于2003年。是一支乐队组合。

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